Radix Training is available nationally in Australia, in North America and more recently in Europe. The training outline presented on this website is based on the current Australian training program. The current USA and European training program is fundamentally the same but may have some small differences in both structure and format. The program for all countries can vary from year to year and for more specific details or to clarify what is being offered for the year of your application it is best to contact the Director of Training for your country.

Training in Australia

When does training commence in Australia?
The first module for the Modular program was offered in May 2019. Since then a series of Modules have been offered. For information about these see here.
The next scheduled Module is in November 2021
After this, modules will be offered in response to interest. This website will keep updated with upcoming modules. To be on the mailing list for these modules please
contact Narelle McKenzie with your contact details.

Training in North America
When does training commence in North America?
Several Modules have been taught in the USA in the last twelve months. For information about the timetabling of Modules for North America please contact Melissa Lindsay.

English speaking trainees from Canada usually join the USA program. Training is also available in Quebec for native French-speaking trainees. Melissa Lindsay will have information about this.

Training in Europe
Several Modules have been taught in England in the last twelve months. For information about upcoming Modules, please contact Narelle McKenzie