This Training Program is available to professionals and non professionals alike. Trainees may be, but are not required to be, professionals at the onset. However, Radix training is equivalent to a postgraduate level course. Hence, trainees must be able to master conceptual and technical material at a professional level of competence and to have a fully professional attitude towards their work.

The aim, the focus, and the central criterion for success in the program is that the trainee become able to do the work well. Applying the skills and knowledge are of primary importance.

Potential trainees must satisfy the following minimal criteria:

1) A firm and unwavering commitment to their own personal growth and development and an eager desire to apply their learning to themselves and those with whom they wish to work. This will be assessed by requesting a letter of recommendation preferably from a Certified Radix teacher of good standing in the Association or someone familiar with and able to judge such development. It is also assessed by a written autobiography submitted by the potential trainee with their application form and the potential trainees willingness to engage in self reflection and assessment in the pre-training interview.

2) An aptitude for professional quality written and spoken class work. The ability to understand concepts, master techniques and apply effectively the knowledge and skill gained. If there is any question concerning this the trainee may be required to submit some written work and attend a short training workshop before acceptance into the program.

3) A demonstrated capacity for self initiative. Initially this will be reflected in the attitude and actions of previous professional employment and personal achievements as listed in the application form and the pre training interview. It will also be demonstrated in the willingness of the trainee to enthusiastically embrace the challenge of recruiting, organising, finding and providing the facility for teaching their own Radix practice group in an independent, ethical and professional manner.