Modular Training Program:
The first of these is being offered in Melbourne in May 2019. Please see here for a flyer.

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Professional Development Workshops
Not everyone wants to commit to the full training course. Each year shorter one or two day course are offered focusing on applying Radix theory and practice to specific psychotherapy / clinical concerns.

For further information regarding these workshops please
contact Narelle McKenzie.

This year, in conjunct with the Professional Development People seminars, Narelle is offering a one day professional development workshop in Melbourne and Sydney.

Somatic Approaches for Deepening Client Work in Therapy.

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This year the training faculty are also offering a Reading Program.

This is an excellent introduction to the theory underpinning this work.

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Radix Experiential Workshops

Before exploring training you may want to have a 'taste' of Radix work at an experiential level first. Workshop listings can be found at:

Click here for a list of such workshops by Narelle for 2019