A supervisor is a Certified Radix practitioner who has completed all requirements for Trainer Training and is therefore a trainer or is a Certified Radix practitioner in Trainer Training. If the latter, their supervision of trainees is itself supervised by a Certified Trainer.


Certified Radix Teachers who have a full time Radix practice for a minimum of five years after Certification are eligible to apply to become a trainer. Each applicant upon acceptance designs a trainer training contract in consultation with the Director of Training. Such a contract takes into account the previous professional experiences of the applicant in the area of training and supervision. Trainer training requires a commitment over a minimum of two years and may be longer. A newly qualified trainer usually only teaches in Level One and Two Modular workshops for the first two years after qualifying.

In addition to the five years of practice, anyone applying for training must:

be committed to the philosophy of training and its development and application throughout the training course

be willing to work in a consultative team with other trainers

be committed to ongoing development of their supervisory skills

be willing to engage in more personal work when personal issues interfere with their supervision or teaching effectiveness.

demonstrate good interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, conflict resolution skills

be committed to the development of the Radix community

be willing to commit time and energy to the development of the training program often without financial remuneration. This includes promotion, curriculum development, establishing training standards and trainee selection

Director of Training

The Director of the training program must:

be passionate about the development of Radix work and able to impart this vision to trainees and training staff.

have the ability to not only teach the existing concepts but to develop Radix work conceptually and experientially.

hold a recognised qualification in psychotherapy/ psychology/ social work/ or an allied health area qualification and have significant training and experience in body psychotherapy other than Radix work.

be committed to the promotion of the Radix training program as evidenced by presentation of the work at professional conferences/ training workshops.

have extensive teaching and supervisory experience in counselling and psychotherapy.